College surf groups
Enjoy the thrills of speeding towards the shore on your first wave.
Ollie's Surf School on Lahinch beach men and women learning to surf

College Surf Groups

We have been looking after college groups surfing weekends in Lahinch for more than 18 years! We can cater for extra-large groups of up to 80 students by dividing the surf lessons into two separate time slots taking up to 40 students at a time. We offer special rates for colleges so get in touch for more info.

Take the weekend to unwind and hone your surf skills with us in Lahinch. We can arrange affordable surf and stay weekend packages through our friends at the brilliant centrally located The West Coast Lodge budget accommodation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done it before is the class suitable for beginners?

Yes! We show you the basics from the start.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

Only a basic swimming ability is required as surf lessons take place in waist depth water.

How old do you have to be?

Minimum age 7.

Are wetsuits and surf boards included in the surf lesson price?

Yes! We provide update gear to get you going.

Will Lessons go ahead in the rain?

Yes, its Ireland its always raining 🇮🇪🌧🤙

Will lessons go ahead in crazy storms?

No we don't go out in winds stronger than force 6 or ocean swells more than 5 metres.

Will I stand up on the first day

Normally yes but it does depend on personal fitness, we have huge super big easy surfboards for beginners and lots of little techniques to get you standing up on your surf board!

I've done a lesson already somewhere else but didn't stand up is there any hope for me?

Yes we are more focused on your progress than a lot of other surf schools let us know before hand to ensure you get a little extra attention.  

Can I surf with my kids in the same group?

Depending on the day and conditions normally.... yes

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